Fall Eczema Box


Welcome to our Fall Eczema Box, a seasonal delight designed to bring comfort and relief to your eczema and sensitive skin during the autumn months. As the leaves change, so do your skincare needs, and this thoughtfully curated box is tailored to provide the nourishment and soothing care your eczema-prone skin craves.

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Box will be wrapped and shipped in a mailer bag.

Embrace the Fall with Our Fall Eczema Box - Nourish and Soothe Your Skin

Key Features:

  1. Fall-Focused Skincare: Embrace the beauty of fall while ensuring your skin stays happy and healthy. Our Eczema Skincare Sample Box features products specifically chosen for the seasonal changes, combating dryness, and maintaining your skin's natural balance.
  2. Variety of Products to Sample: Explore 10+ items to sample ranging in size from sachets to full sized products encompassing moisturizers, bath products, healing balms, and more. Sample a range of products to discover what works best for your unique skin needs. Brands in the 2023 Fall Eczema Box include Cetaphil, Codex, Balmonds, Flexitol, and more.
  3. Premium-Sized Samples: Enjoy generous premium-sized samples ranging in size from sachets to full sized products from top brands, giving you ample time to experience the benefits and effectiveness of each product before committing to full-size purchases.
  4. Specially Curated for Eczema-Prone Skin: Each item in this box is carefully selected to cater to the needs of sensitive, eczema-prone skin.
  5. Packing List & Product Guide: This box comes with a packing list that gives you the opportunity to rate each item as you sample it to help you keep track of which ones your skin loves. There is also a corresponding product guide web page that has more information on each item in the box including ingredient information and where to purchase the product full size.
  6. Free Shipping: This box will be shipped directly to your door and shipping is free to addresses within the Continental US.


Celebrate Fall with Radiant Skin:

Our Fall Eczema Box offers a seasonal skincare experience that perfectly complements the changing weather. Discover the joys of fall with comfort and confidence in your skin.

Embrace the essence of fall and order your Fall Eczema Box today to indulge in the gift of finding the products your skin loves in a more cost effective way.

For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to our friendly customer support team (info@eczemasamplestore.com). Your satisfaction and skin wellness are our top priorities.

Here's to glowing skin and a delightful fall season!

Happy Sampling!

Stephanie @ The Eczema Sample Store

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