Patches! Eczema Book

This is the perfect book for a little one with eczema or other skin conditions. It was written by a mom whose 4 year old son suffers from severe eczema, and she wanted to help him not only understand his skin but be proud of it.

A little boy self proclaims himself a superhero as he conquers and embraces his day to day life while struggling with the annoyance of extreme eczema. Patches, is a story that shares experiences and struggles, while also shouting from the roof tops that different is OKAY!!!! This is a story of sharing and coming together, uniting and being proud of who you are.

Add on this book to any of our sample boxes for a great gift for the littlest eczema warriors in your life!

It is also a great book to give to friends, classmates, and teachers so that they can better understand what your child is going through.

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