This box is great. You can try all sorts of products meant for us, the itchy people of the world.


The Eczema Sample Store is the perfect subscription box for anyone with sensitive skin. Gone are the days of spending time and money searching stores for something that will work for your skin. These boxes offer incredible variety, from big brands to small shops, so you can try and see what works for you. I’ve found a few of my favorite products from these boxes!


Love the Eczema Sample Store box so so much! It’s the only box that I know I will get to use every single product. Perfect for figuring out which brands and products work for you without having to spend big bucks on the full-size first. Highly recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin!



I’ve tried the summer and fall box so far! My family has noted that there’s a lot of items in the box, which I love! I think this a cheaper option than buying a lot of full sized products.



This is *the* box to get if you suffer from any form of eczema. It’s a relief to know that these are products that will help soothe and manage my eczema!


Started using it recently love the different products and have found some that have worked wonders for me and others that haven’t. Love the availability to try them without having to purchase a full size and once I have found that works going to get the full size product.


This box is amazing. They take the guess work out for you but including a bunch of samples for you to try. When you find something that works for you, you can purchase the full size. That way you don’t have to spend your money on something that may not work for you.


Our ultimate sample box was so nice and custom filled to accommodate my family’s needs. We really appreciated the samples but also the thought put into the things we were sent.



My eczema never seems to go away and the itching and irritation are constant. I tried the Winter box from the Eczema Sample Store and found so many helpful products. I highly recommend this store!


The eczema sample store has changed my life. I love the fact that I can sample several products instead of having to waste money on full size products for them to not work. I have found so many new products that I would have never known about without the eczema sample store box


What a fantastic way to try out skin and other products for those with sensitive skin issues. There are a ton of products to be tested out. There is something for everyone out there.


The Eczema Sample boxes give me the opportunity to try products I didn’t know existed. I love the variety each seasonal box contains. Most items work great for me and a very few did not. I am glad I did not buy huge quantities of the ones that did not work. And while some of the samples are truly samples, some are full size containers!






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