UK Winter Eczema Box

Introducing the UK Winter Eczema Box – Now Shipping!

In partnership with the Eczema Clothing team, we have put together a box of 7+ items for you to sample on your sensitive skin and eczema.

Items include balms, moisturizers, body wash, and more – all to help you discover what your sensitive skin loves!

This box also makes a great gift for yor loved ones with eczema.

Some of the brands featured in this box include:

Our mission at the Eczema Sample Store is to help individuals with sensitive skin and eczema find the products that their skin loves in an easier and more cost effective way. 

Eczema Clothing

We have partnered with the team at Eczema Clothing to distribute these Eczema Sample Boxes in the UK.

For over 40 years Eczema Clothing has been creating comfortable, innovative eczema clothing for adults and children, and it all started from their own children’s eczema struggles.

***You will be directed to the Eczema Clothing website to complete your purchase.***

What Our Customers are Saying…

I was super impressed with the items in the Eczema Sample Store Intro Box! I found brands that are recommended by my dermatologist and discovered some new-to-me makers that I felt completely comfortable using on my skin. As a person with rosacea and other skin and scalp sensitivities it was refreshing to receive a box of items that I could “try before I buy” and to know that I would most likely not have a reaction. I appreciated the variety of samples, the bonus extras, and information from the website. Two thumbs up!


My biggest problem is deciding which samples work the BEST because I like most all of them. The great thing about the sample box is being able to try products I would not have known about otherwise.


I love this box! I was very impressed with the number of samples in this box. Two of them had eczema in their name, and since I’ve had terrible eczema for years on my fingers, thumbs and elbows, I concentrated on those first. Nothing I’ve tried before, and nothing my dermatologist gave me, worked. But these two did. To say I am overwhelmed with happiness is not an exaggeration! I’m so glad I tried this box! Thank you!!





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